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Building relationships that heal is a basic part of resiliency. It is important because we need others in order to heal from many traumas, big and small, especialy relational trauma. This idea, that healing is an interactive process, is supported by modern neuroscience. It seems we learn, or do not learn, how to heal as children, but we can always get better at it. I have made Somatic Experiencing®  my main modality because I so appreciate its efficiency, its avoidance of unnecessary suffering, and the quick, natural way that it builds cooperative, sturdy, therapeutic relationships.

​My therapeutic work is different with each client and couple, but it always involves meeting people where they are, offering them tools they can use, and offering opportunities to clear trauma out of their nervous system, without getting overwhelmed.

Though Somatic Experiencing®  often works with awareness in the body, touch is not necessarily part of everyone’s work.  Touch, including Jin Shin Do®  and Resonance Massage, is available and can be very helpful.

FOR COUPLES - PACT (Psychobiological Approach to Couples Therapy-Stan Tatkin):  Secure functioning requires enough oxygen in the brain to run the complex social nervous system. Trying to solve problems or connect when we are threatened, angry, anxious or numb does not go well. PACT work teaches couples to work as a secure team, starting with tools to recognize anxious, angry and numb states. Learning to shift ourselves and each other into the window where we are willing and able to cooperate and be our best selves is at the core of PACT work.

Clearing Trauma
with  Beth Dennison
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Elizabeth Dennison, L.M.T., S.E.P., M.A. in M.F.T.      Building Relationships that Heal
 Beth Dennison 
  MA in MFT, LMT, SEP*
see explanations below
* MA in MFT - Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy - This educated me to work with relationships, and to think in terms of systems in general and families in particular.
  LMT -  Licensed Massage Therapist -This gives me a license to touch and so I have experience using touch to help people organize and attend to sensation in the body.
  SEP - Somatic Experiencing Practitioner - This work organizes my thinking and working with trauma in the nervous system.