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Clearing Trauma
with  Beth Dennison
Books and Handout Packs    
These resources are designed to help build relationships that heal, 
in therapy, and in our family and community lives.
  • Books are the most complete resource.
  • The Glossary explains the highlighted words throughout the site. 
  • The free Downloads include resourcing and discharge exercises  as well as forms, and the Map Summary page.
  • Links will connect you to many other useful sites
Book 1: Basics and Reducing Shame
Book 1 in this series of educational graphics is designed to help people start cooperating with their own nervous system. It is helpful for clients to be intoduced to just one or two concepts at a time. Practitioners also find it  organizes the work and makes it easier to absorb and keep focused. Book 1 describes symptoms of trauma and of recovery and explains the basic principles of Somatic Experiencing®: resource, titrate, discharge. It introduces 3 threat responses and three relaxed responses and provides information on what healing looks like, how to track our selves and a list of resourcing questions.
Clearing Trauma Books 1 - 5
These books provide information about cooperating with our nervous system to clear trauma - for practitioners, clients and their support networks. The books organize and present the material so it can be absorbed in small doses. The color coding is consistent throughout the graphics in all three books. See the individual book descriptions for more information.

Price: $100    Free shipping in the USA

Book 2: Resource, Titrate, Discharge
Book 2 covers basic concepts in more depth. Specific graphics are designed to help clients understand hypervigilance, avoid retraumatization, and develop their capacity for resourcing and discharge. The resourcing pages may be copied and can be downloaded from this site. Book 2 also introduces neuroception and intrinsic movement.

Book 3: Threat and Safety
Book 3 begins by orienting the reader to the autonomic nervous system. The reciprocal model with two states (fight or flight vs. rest and digest) expands to the  3-Layer (Polyvagal) model with six states. Peter Levine’s clinical work and teaching, combined with Stephen Porges research have given us desperately needed tools. This map gives us landmarks to navigate by, pathways to move along and an overview to notice what is sturdy and what is missing. It encourages us toward our very real cooperative, resilient potential. This model is 
1.  Simple, but includes the details needed to manage the situation at hand  
2.  Broadly applicable, yet accurate enough to be very useful 
3.  Easy for most people to learn, use and communicate  
4.  Attractive -  in that it matches people’s experience, and it is easy to look at. 
The book includes maps of what the six landmark states look and feel like, and introduces some of Stephen Porges' polyvagal vocabulary. 
Price: $15   Free Shipping in the USA
Price: $20   

Book 4: Regulating Ourselves and Each Other
Book 4 introduces interactive regulation: How we regulate each other. Terminology for thinking about self regulation in a one person system and self regulation in a two person system help clarify our cultural confusion about relying on other people for our emotional balance. 
     The Graphics and language are based on news form the field of Interpersonal neurobiology. Interactive regulation skills are a form of cultural capital that allow us to take on big challenges without geting combative, avoidant or overwhelmed. 

Price: $20   
Book 5: Building Sturdy Relational Containers
Book 5 ia about building interactive regu-
lation skills and sturdy relationships. It illustrates and explores repair skills, body up intelligence 
and how we transmit interactive regulation skills to the next generation. 
Building sturdy relational containers is a cultural rather than an individual skill. It is some-
thing that people do together, not something that an individual does. It requires an ability to stay attuned to one's internal self and other people at the same time. We learn this in relationship.  Even expecting that this is possible is learned in relationship, from our family and our tribe.
Price: $30    Free shipping in the USA
Elizabeth Dennison, L.M.T., S.E.P., M.A. in M.F.T.      Building Relationships that Heal
Clearing Trauma: The Office Pack
These selections from Clearing Trauma Books 1-5 educate clients about their own nervous systems and the process of clearing trauma. Sharing this information helps to build collaborative engagement and to reduce shame. This Office Pack contains the graphics I find most useful in cultivating embodiment and building sturdy relationships.
Price: $15    Free Shipping in the USA
Price: $15   Free Shipping in the USA
 Free Shipping in the USA
 Free Shipping in the USA
Clearing Trauma Workbook
This book has all the work sheets from Books 1-5. There is also a page devoted to each state on the mood map, describing what is important about each state, what is problematic about each state, and how to shift out of each state. The workbook is especially useful for motivated clients who can stay regulated enough to read and think about their situation.
Price: $15    Free Shipping in the USA
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