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Clearing Trauma
with  Beth Dennison

Trauma Tools for Therapists and Clients:
Cooperating with our own Nervous System

Introduction to SE Trauma Tools
Symptoms of Trauma and Recovery, A Hopeful Metaphor

Chapter One:   Autonomic Nervous System Basics
Terminology, the 3-in-1 ANS, The Mending Zone, The Social NS

Chapter Two:  Threat and Safety
Evolution, Neuroception, Color Keys, Summary

Chapter Three:  Resource, Titrate, Discharge
Resourcing Strategies, Titration and the Lifestream, Discharge Flows,
Intrinsic Movement, Summary

Chapter Four: Memory and the Language of Sensation
Verbal and SensoryBased Memory, Primitive Survival Patterns, Time Trauma and Memory, Putting Words on the Sensations, Summary

Chapter Five:  Understanding Our 3-Layer ANS -The Mood Map
Models of the ANS, Maps, The Trauma Cave, Cooperation, Summary

Chapter Six:  Our Core Mood Map - under construction

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