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Clearing Trauma
with  Beth Dennison
The Office Pack    

Elizabeth Dennison, L.M.T., S.E.P., M.A. in M.F.T.      Building Relationships that Heal
The Office Pack: Contents

1. When to Use Each Page
2. Bottom Up and Top Down
3. Beth’s Hints for Clients 
3. Psychotherapy and Somatic Experiencing®
4. Building Capacity: Slow is Fast
5. Avoid Retraumatization 
6. Titration Strategies 
7. Discharge
8. The ANS Regulates Oxygen Supply to Our Brain
9. Oxygen and Threat Responses In Your 3-Layer Brain
10. The Window of Presence
11. Autonomic Regulation and the Window of Presence
12. Clearing Trauma: The Process
13. Clearing Trauma: Keeping the Hippocampus On-Line
14. Clearing Trauma is about Integration 
15 The Mood Map: Our 3-Layer ANS
16. Our Core Mood Map: How We Feel

© 2013 Elizabeth Dennison - All Rights Reserved  

These selections from Clearing Trauma Books 1-5 educate clients about their own nervous systems and the process of clearing trauma. Sharing this information helps to build collaborative engagement and to reduce shame.

Price: $15    $10+ $5 for S&H