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Clearing Trauma
with  Beth Dennison

These graphics are designed to help us learn to cooperate with our own nervous system and build relationships that heal.

 SE Basics:  An explanation of the core processes of Somatic Experiencing.

Trauma and Memory: How the hippocampus organizes
 disorganized sensory based memories into verbally based memory 
organized around a timeline and a sense of self.

Core Mood Map -  Six landmark states

Trauma Tools for Therapists and Clients:   
Cooperating with our own Nervous System
      Intro and Chapters 1-6

The Relationship Scale: Belonging, Shame and Toxicity

The Dynamics of Oppression: 
Showing how exploitationand denial are core to oppression in all its forms


The 3-in-1 Model of the ANS : This connects basic new information from modern neuroscience with our core moods. These graphics describe 6 landmark states we need to be able to move in 
and out of, to effectively navigate our world.

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Come back soon.  More motion graphics are on the way!
All Animated
Elizabeth Dennison, L.M.T., S.E.P., M.A. in M.F.T.      Building Relationships that Heal