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 Beth Dennison 
  MA in MFT, LMT, SEP*
see explanations below
Beth's Hints for Clients

My Job in Healing Trauma:

• My Job #1 - Framework: I make sure that your adult and my adult have workable agreements about time and money. I keep the office safe and clean so that it is a supportive environment for our work.

• My Job #2 - Master Regulator: I keep myself regulated and I do my best to keep you from getting re-traumatized by going too deeply or too fast into the trauma vortex.

• My Job #3 - Cultivate Embodiment: I encourage you to learn to protect and inhabit your body, and to stay connected in relational space.

• My Job #4 - Build Capacity: I help you listen to, and cooperate with, your own nervous system. I help you cultivate your capacity to utilize relational space. I help you track yourself at your emotional edges.

• My Job #5 - Propose Activities: I suggest things to reveal what is going on in your nervous system, and to help you learn skills and grow.

• My Job #6 - Feedback: I reflect what I see happening in your nervous system. You get to be the authority on you. When I am wrong, but my mistake helps you find words or clarity, that is great.

• My Job #7 - Repair: I notice any misattunement, and model and teach repair skills, as effectively as I can.

• My Job #8 - Miscellaneous: I practice resourcing with you, help you access your body, name and talk about what you feel, teach skills and sometimes go to your emotional edges with you.

Your Job in Healing Trauma:

• Your Job #1 - Bring your Adult: Make agreements that you can keep and keep them. Learn to listen to and take care of all your parts, especially including your body, and your scared, vulnerable, young and traumatized parts. Cultivate embodiment. Ask for what you want.

• Your Job #2 - Work your Edges: Track yourself at your emotional edges. Learn solo and interactive regulation strategies and use them. 

• Your Job #3 - Report on Shame: As best you can, tell me when shame comes up for you in life and especially in session.

• Your Job #4 - Collaborate: As best you can, strategize with me. Tell me what is helpful to you, and what gets in the way. Also, let me know how things go between sessions so we can work efficiently, without disrupting your life unnecessarily. 

​Healing from trauma is an interactive process. 
Here are some hints on collaboration and what to expect.
All of my work is informed by Somatic Experiencing® and my background in bodywork, body psychotherapy, interpersonal neurobiology, and work with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). I also emphasize Body Up Co-Regulation.

* MA in MFT - Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy - This educated me to work with relationships, and to think in terms of systems in general and families in particular.
  LMT -  Licensed Massage Therapist -This gives me a license to touch and so I have experience using touch to help people organize and attend to sensation in the body.
  SEP - Somatic Experiencing Practitioner - This work organizes my thinking and working with trauma in the nervous system.

Clearing Trauma
with  Beth Dennison
Elizabeth Dennison, L.M.T., S.E.P., M.A. in M.F.T.      Building Relationships that Heal